I just watched Inception today! Most trippy movie ever. I got this idea from Inception and Matrix, the feeling of not knowing where you are, wanting to get out but not being able to. The little quote was from Matrix, if you remember, when they’re trying to get out of the Matrix, they always tell the operator, “Give me an exit.” What if there is no operator, and no exits? Whoo, trippy.

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fun with taffy


A little corkboard showing the snapshots I got when Taffy and I were having fun at Aloha. She constantly changed her avs from lady in red Victorian dress to Asian-looking hottie to smouldering black guy. XD This was me with the smouldering black guy when we were checking out the table set at Aloha.

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bring back what once was mine


Inspired by Rapunzel or Tangled as it’s known in the States. Awesome movie, go watch it. Anyhow, SORRY for the bad quality of the pictures, still working that out. I intended to achieve a somewhat dreamy feel with this.

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antique jungle

shortish post today (: i’m so tired i slept at 4am and woke up at 7.45am. i’m at “work” now hahaha, and i keep getting distracted by youtube and msn. but no matter, here are the looks for today!

for the first look, i went for vintage elegance and sophistication. i found plenty of vintage stuff at doux petit dahl which was awesome! while going through what i bought, the first thing that came to my attention was this feminine purple number, conveyed the elegance i was going for with the halter keyhole neckline, the ruffled hemline with floral details and a royal purple lining. a belt of the same colour completes the look, emphasizing the waistline and all together giving it the feel of a lady. i also found these crocheted tights, once advertised by uma, in this store and i jumped at the opportunity of using them. i found that using the white tights gave this outfit a little twist and it being crocheted, did not come off as being overly white. the black shorts thrown in completes the number as a bottom with a colour that complements but does not outshine the highlights of the outfit. i chose this hair from magika (hugeeee store of hairs) because i really liked the fringeline on it and the cute braids everywhere gives zephy the aura of a princess. after all – hair is our crowning glory right? (shameless plug: hair fair 2009 coming up!)

hair barber yumyum hair 10 (chocolate)
eyelashes redgrave showgirl
eyes pididdle motion sickness (blue)
top doux petit dahl purpie paisley tank cinched
shorts twosome autumn shorts (black)
tights doux petit dahl crochet tights (white)
shoes armidi barcelona slingback (black with gold)
bangles doux petit dahl bangles (black foral)
necklace atelier am layered flower necklace (white, but tintable)
skin curio breeze (tone: petal, make-up: liquid sky 1, others: light)

for this next look, i pretty much threw this together after falling into the spell of gisele, a new store that i just discovered thanks to anya. i bought the top thinking that it was just a scarf but upon trying my new purchase out in the store itself, i realised that it looked fabulous. really gives one a feel of power! it pretty much makes the entire outfit by itself, but i complemented it with the hair that i also bought from the same store, which i thought looked really fairy-queen-ish. i particularly liked the headpiece for this hair, the pearl headband with three complementing roses of a dusty hue. i thought bangles or bracelets would be too much for this outfit already, so i used brown half-gloves instead so the arms wouldn’t look empty. wanted to give it a bit of shine so i used gold heels to finish it up. (:

hair gisele sia (milk) (comes with accessories)
eyelashes redgrave individualistic
eyes pididdle motion sickness (alive)
top gisele enroulent (walnut)
pants nylon outfitters dress pants (white)
gloves royal blue half gloves (brown)
shoes armidi dahlia pump (gold)
skin curio breeze (tone: petal, make-up: sepia 2, others: light, frex)

that’s all from me today folks! (:

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sakura owl

sorry for the recent inactivity, friends! i’ve been busy buying myself a truckload of hair on SL and insodoing have neglected to post up my blog updates. (:

i really like these few looks that i’m going to post up! the first one is very oriental, which is close to my heart since – i’m chinese? XD absolutely love both the top and the jeans! the top is from apple may, and it originally comes with a black ribbed flared-bottom capri (also nice, but i wanted to showcase these jeans). i love how this top reminds me of the traditional chinese cheongsam with a very modern and sexy twist. the jeans i got from zaara are just 100% lurve. it’s so extremely realistic looking and comes in a pack of four colours for only around 100 – 150L if i’m not wrong. the jewelled details on the belt loops of the jeans smacks of more oriental flavour, which completes the outfit. i chose a skin that had an awesome red lipstick to complement the fiery redness of the top, as well as a darkish hair for an asian look. the sakura flower comes as part of the clawtooth hair that i used, and is detachable! awesome for ornamentation, whenever wherever.

hair clawtooth lola’s big date (coffee)
top apple may designs anming (top only)
jeans zaara jeans jewelled (blue)
shoes paper couture black high heels
skin curio breeze (tone: petal, make-up: pure 2, set: light, frex)

the second look i have up is very casual and it’s pretty much how i’d dress most of the time in RL. 😀 i like the bohemian-ness of the design of the owl tee and i think the jelly toast is JUST TOO CUTE. 😀 it has a cute cat face on it! it comes with a matching tshirt and is also available in peanut butter toast. XDXD

hair armidi hair the ginza (light brown, walnut)
tshirt tres blah lovey owl tee (freebie)
shorts surf couture rolled denim shorts (light)
shoesheart & sole hearts pastel (heart colour changeable) (freebie)
skin curio breeze (tone: petal, make-up: sepia 1, set: light, frex)
toast love kitty jelly toast tshirt (jelly toast only)

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om shanti om!

hello everyonee!

recently i was tped to an undiscovered jewel of a store called zaara. i did not realise at the first that it was an indian outfit store but the realisation only made me fall in love with the stuff they have on sale even more. everything i found there was so so elaborately designed, it did not make me doubt for a second how much effort the designer had put into making all these wonderful fabrics and textures. as we all know, indian cloths are always richly embellished with an extremely intricate and unique design, which the designer succeeded in achieving here as well. what’s more, i visited zaara when they were having a sale, ending 1st JUNE! so make a beeline there now, please.

i don’t usually buy gowns and stuff, because i don’t feel like i can showcase them very well but this was one buy i could not pass up. the absolutely crazy details that can be found on every single item of this indian bride gown set is – WORDS FAIL ME. the entire dress set, complete with the scarf, the gauze head veil and the henna on the hands, comes up to a total of 600L. everyone say it together now – OH. MY. GOODNESS. what a steal!!! i was staring at the store display of this for the longest time, thinking that it was so completely gorgeous but i bet it cost like 5000L or something, until something possessed me to click on the display and see how much it cost. the moment i saw that i was only 600L, nothing could come between my cursor and the Buy button. (: whether i will wear it again next time or not IS OF NO CONSEQUENCE. this is a piece of art that i absolutely had to get my hands on.

hair curio hera (brown, dark brown)
dress zaara indian bride (crimson) also comes in yellow and green
veil zaara indian bride (crimson)
scarf zaara indian bride (crimson)
henna zaara indian bride (crimson)
bangles zaara nizam choodiya bangles (white)
skin curio breeze (petal, dark, pure 2)

yet another work of art from zaara, i love the smexiness of this dress, with the low, low, low-plunging neckline but yet retaining some sophistication in the length of the skirt. interestingly enough, the skirt’s so-called slit isn’t really a slit but more like a sudden rise and fall of the hemline, which i found particularly intriguing. unlike the normal slit, it’s more like an open YUMYUM-I’M-SEXY sort of hemline which, if i was a guy, i would find very appealing indeed. i also like how zaara still infuses some indian design elements into this dress, what with the brown gradient of the skirt, the nicely designed hemline as well as the cool, cool belts (yes, they can be found on a separate layer so MIX AND MATCH ALL YOU WISH!).

hair =ROGE= hair 18 (apple)
dress zaara carangute (brown)
skin curio breeze (petal, light, frez, sepia 1)

that’s all the indian goodness from me today!

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i’m gonna find another you

first look today is something i did up yesterday, i think, so it may not be congruent with the last two outfits. couldn’t resist though. i love this dress from twee and i love its name – melted deckchair. i mean – who thinks of that?! absolute genius. the dress makes me wanna eat strawberry mint cream candy. i’ve no idea why i feel more cravings for my SL dresses than RL food. i think i’m going slightly mad. (:

hair uncle wiggli ellen (brown)
eyes pididdle motion sickness (blue)
dress [twee] melted deckchair
gloves royal blue half-gloves (fuchsia)
socks kuri style 78 socks
shoes lya sakura leather shoes (pink)
skin gala phoenix sunny, petal, dark umbra-1

next look is something that i put together while i was shopping around in this awesome sim called tableau which i’m sure is not unfamiliar to anybody reading this blog. (: i went absolutely crazy and went around buying so much stuff that i found this fabulous BIG package of freebies from a shop called Nylon Outfitters. for some reason i really like the shirt! it looks like something i’d wear in RL because it’s colourful (i have a colour fetish) and it’s casual, comfortable and smarter than a normal t-shirt at the same time (:

hair clawtooth lola’s big date (classic brunette)
eyes pididdle motion sickness (alive)
shirt nylon outfitters stripe shirt (womens’ freebie)
pants niniko stripe pants
shoes MG fashion sporty flats (navy)
skin gala phoenix sunny, petal, light sea glass 1

for the last look of the day, i threw this outfit together from bits and pieces from everywheree (: there was an awesome sale going on at cupcakes! selling dresses for 25L each. needless to say, we made a beeline for said store and pretty much cleared its shelves. not too sure if the sale is still on, but i’m pretty most people got their needs fulfilled and milked this crazy sale for all it was worth. (: i find myself very attracted to seagreen colours nowadays.

hair clawtooth lola’s big date (classic brunette)
eyes pididdle motion sickness (alive)
scarf nylon outfitters gold scarf
top cupcakes! emerald green dress (top only)
capris cupcakes! grey pinstriped shorts
shoes sole sisters audrey (white)
skin gala phoenix sunny, petal, light sea glass 1


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